Top 10 air compressor for off road of 2023

If you are an off road enthusiast, then you need an air compressor. Air compressors are perfect to increase traction on rough terrain. When going off road, it is also important to decrease the air in the tires. In this article, we will go through a list of the 10 best off road air compressors you can buy from the market. Here are some air compressor ratings compressors

ARB Off Road Air Compressor Kit

The ARB Off-road air compressor kit is probably the best kit on this list. This compressor is the preferred choice of most off road enthusiasts. This compressor is a 12-volt compressor and you can use it for different purposes. The compressor’s airflow capacity is 150 psi, is equipped with a tank, and has a dual cylindrical design.

The compressor also has IP55 sealed cooling and a twin motor that is highly efficient at doing its job. The casing of these air compressors is waterproof and is accompanied by a large range of accessories. The air compressor valve chucks are also extremely sturdy.

VIAIR Off Road Air Compressor

This product is one of the top-rated air compressors in the market. This VIAIR 400p onboard air system is equipped with heavy-duty battery terminals, and the compressor runs on 12-volt of electrical power. The design is infused with a 40-amp inline pressure gauge and the system comes with an easy carry bag.

This compressor has received dozens of positive reviews online, and the best thing about it is it just weighs 10 pounds. The compressor can also increase its psi levels for different tire inflations. This machine is also equipped to work with air lockers.

Smittybilt 2781 Off Road Air Compressor

This Smittybilt air compressor is another top-rated compressor in the market and comes with extended functionality. This compressor is made of durable materials and comes with a storage bag as well. This compressor is good at inflating tires and running air tools.

The Smittbilt 2781 is available in different shapes and sizes and is a budget-friendly model. The customer reviews for this compressor have been highly positive, and people praised the machine’s portability. This air compressor has an auto thermal cutoff switch, and can also operate as an automatic compressor.

Kensun AC/DC Portable Off Road Air Compressor

This Kensun air compressor is a top-travel compressor and has a full-function 12-volt outlet. The machine is equipped with several attachments and has a classic pressure gauge system. This compressor is undoubtedly one of the best available in the market and has been praised for its compact design.

The Kensun AC/DC Portable compressor can inflate large truck tires in a few minutes. It is equipped with a technology that significantly reduces its noise levels. This machine also inflate air lockers.

VIAIR 300p Air Compresso

If you want an air compressor that does its job efficiently, then the VIAIR air compressor is for you. This compressor comes with a deflator and inflator system. This means that for both inflator and deflator purposes, you will need to carry just one machine.

This compressor works rapidly, and in less than 78 seconds air volume goes from 18 to 30 psi. The maximum working pressure for this compressor is 150 psi. The air pressure in the compressor can easily inflate tires of 33 inches.

While the size of this compressor is small, it has a lot of power, is also affordable, and is one of the best portable air compressors on the market.

TEROMAS Tire Inflator and Air Compressor

This portable compressor is designed by TEROMAS and has sockets for both AC and DC electrical power. This compressor is one of the most lightweight compressors on the market and only takes 4 minutes to go from 5 to 40 psi. Overall, this compressor performs exceptionally well for its size and affordable price tag.

The THOMAS tire inflator and air compressor is also equipped with handy features such as an LED light and a LED display. Once connect the compressor to an AC outlet, let it energize for about 5 seconds. This compressor is capable of powering air lockers.

VIAIR 400p-40043 Portable Air Compressor Kit

It is hard to deny the quality of a VIAIR 400p air compressor. This powerful compressor can go from 35 to 60 psi in just 3 minutes and can easily fill large tires of 35 inches. This compressor can also operate at a sustained pressure of 150 psi for up to 15 minutes.

However, VIAIR recommends giving the machine a break of half an hour to enable the compressor to maintain its duty cycle and cool down. The compressor is accompanied by a storage bag, and has small compartments that you can use for extra storage.

The pressure gauge of this compressor is accurate and gives the user precise and reliable results. Lastly, the VIAIR 400-40043 portable air compressor comes with an ergonomic handle, that will enable you to easily maneuver the machine. This compressor is also equipped with tire gauges and tire valves.

Gobege 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor

This 12-volt Gobege air compressor comes with pure copper movement, a 540-watt free direct-drive motor, and offers an airflow of 6.35 CFM at 0 psi. This compressor can offer a continuous air flow pressure of 40 psi for 40 minutes. This compressor can also inflate air horns.

The surface of this air compressor is made of heavy-duty metal, and it is equipped with a high-performance cylinder. Not only does the Gobber 12-volt compressor offer a generous airflow of 150 psi, but it can also inflate a 38-inch tire at a pressure of 38 psi in less than 5 minutes.

ROAD2SUMMIT Heavy Duty 12-Volt Air Compressor

This is a powerful and heavy-duty air compressor, that offers a maximum airflow of 6.35 CFM and an air pressure of 150 psi. This product weighs roughly 16 pounds, it comes with an aluminum cylinder and a hollow metal shell.

The ROAD2SUMMIT air compressor is equipped with an automatic thermal cutoff switch and a metal sandtray that has anti-vibration rubber. In the package, you will get a 10-feet power cord, 3 nozzle adaptors, 26-feet rubber air hose, and more.

Rayteen Xtreme Portable Air Compressor

This air compressor is manufactured by Rayteen, it requires 12 volts of electricity to run and can offer a maximum air pressure of 150 psi. This product is heavy-duty and resistant to temperature changes and high pressure.

If the air compressor overheats, the overload protector will turn on the circuit breaker and shut down the machine. This compressor has a metal casing and an aluminum housing for the motor. This air compressor is designed for UTVs, RVs, Trucks, vehicles, and jeeps. This compressor also comes with air lockers.

What is an Off Road Air Compressor?

Off road air compressors are lightweight and portable models that are capable of inflating large truck tires. Off road compressors are essential for those planning to take their vehicles off road. These are typically portable compressors and an onboard units.

Off road air compressors offer rapid inflation and some even come with a deflation mechanism. Serious off road and Overlanding enthusiasts always have an off road compressor with them.

These machines are an onboard air system and some people also install them near their vehicle’s battery. While these compressors can fix tire damage, they are typically used for airing tires down.

Do I need an Air Compressor for Off Roading?

Yes an air compressor is required for off roading because you need to reduce the tire pressure before you take your car off-road.

The reason you need reduce pressure in your tires is to improve ride comfort and increase traction in the tires. The air compressor can easily reinflate the tires once you are off the trail.

What is the most Powerful 12 Volt Air Compressor?

There are many 12-volt air compressors available in the market, but this one stands out for us:

HAUSBELL Portable Compressor

This compressor is a great option if you are trying to inflate the tires of your vehicle. This HAUSEBELL compressor is one of the best compressors in the world and gives a consistent airflow of 150 psi, which means the compressor’s airflow capacity is good and it can deliver a higher air flow than other compressors.

The compressor draws power from the vehicle’s battery clip wires and comes with a display screen. This portable air compressor also has a bright LED light that will enable you to use the machine in darkness or at night. This compressor can also power air tools. You can set or check the tire pressure in the vehicle. Here are some features of this air compressor:

  • Maximum air pressure of 150 psi
  • Power draw of 12o watts
  • 12-month warranty
  • Power cord (10 feet long)
  • LED Light
  • Display
  • High-quality build
  • Rapid tire inflation
  • Good Compression mechanism 

What Size Compressor do I need to run a Tire Machine?

After initial installation, in a normal vehicle application, you need air at regular intervals during the day, you hardly ever need air consistently. The most important thing to consider is the combination of CFM and the size of the vessel.

You also need to consider the maximum pressure the compressor can offer. You need to know all this information before evaluating the size of the compressor. Here are some steps that you should understand:


Every piece of equipment or that is powered by a compressor has a CFM rating. Air tools also come with a CFM rating which shows how you can operate them effectively.

Size of the Vessel

The supply of compressed air doesn’t directly correlate with the size of the vessel. This is also why when we discuss the size of the compressor machine, it doesn’t relate to the size of the compressor’s tank.

You only need a large-sized (200 liter) vessel is if you require compressed air for a long period of time. This is rarely the case in vehicles.

A small 6 CFM pump can fill up a 500-liter vessel in half an hour. This means, that if you need 400 liters of compressed air in less than 2 minutes, you just need a big vessel, not a big pump unit or larger compressors.

Air Pressure Rating

The pressure rating can be decided by the high pressure you will require to inflate the tires of your vehicle. You should always opt for a pressure rating above than the one you require. For instance, if you need 50 psi air pressure, opt for a compressor that offers 60 psi air pressure.

For changing tires, you need an air pressure of 150 psi. To fill truck tires, the compressor you require can vary significantly. Normally, you need a compressor that can offer air pressure of 120 or 130 psi.

Do VIAIR Compressors need Oil?

VIAIR compressors don’t require oil to run, so you can mount the compressor in any direction you feel like.


In this article, we discussed the best off road air compressors that are available in the market. We listed down all the products and also mentioned their features.

While the market is full of high-quality off road compressors, you should always evaluate your requirements before purchasing an air compressor.

Towards the end of the article, we went through several queries related to off road air compressors that will give you some much-needed clarity. Please refrain from purchasing an underpowered air compressor.

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