Some key moments in Mikovs's growth

In the past 30 years, the founder of mikovs has gone deep into the user site, looked at problems from the user's perspective, led an experienced technical team, independently developed, designed and produced, and comprehensively solved customer problems and needs, especially in energy-saving renovation, the Mikovs team has achieved major breakthroughs


- generation after generation

MIKOVS product development strictly follows the Group’s well-known CTP development process. Each new product development must be carried out by a complex project team consisting of engineering, after-sales, marketing, quality, purchasing, production, finance, customer and agent representatives, through 122 processes, 33 tests and rigorous testing of more than 1400 procedures. Control and ensure that the new products developed have outstanding performance in performance, reliability, easy maintenance and meeting user needs. Mikovs will continue to launch new air compressors and compressed air post-processing products according to market demand, and will actively pay attention to the demands of safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, and strive to become a long-term, stable and responsible business partner for our customers and partners. As the brand promise says: “To be a century-old enterprise with the new spirit of craftsmanship”.

Making people and business greater since 2011

  • Our History


    2011 German "MKOVS" officially entered mainland China and established Maixiang (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Our History


    From 2012 to 2017, the "MKOVS" brand opened the brand marketing layout in the Chinese market, mainly serving the mid-to-high-end and supporting markets; in 2014, the lean production line established with reference to the advice of German experts was officially put into use. The production line adopts a lean production management system and first-class production and testing equipment, which significantly improves production efficiency and defect-free rate.

  • Our History


    From 2018 to 2019, "MKOVS" signed a contract to enter the e-commerce brands of "Alibaba" and "Made in China".

  • Our History


    In 2020, Maixiang (Shanghai) Headquarters and Wuyang County Government formally established the "MIKOVS" brand in Yiyang, and established the "MIKOVS Energy Equipment Co., Ltd." global intelligent manufacturing factory.

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