Top 10 300p Air Compressor brand in the world

There are many compressor brands in the world that manufacture 300p compressors, however, not all of them produce a quality product. In this article, we have listed the 10 best compressor brands in the market for 300p compressors.


VIAIR is a compressor company that has been manufacturing all types of compressors since 1998. One of the most popular products from the company is the Viair 300p ad the Viair 300p rvs compressor, which is a powerful compressor and can do a variety of tasks. The company also produces products like a tire inflator. Most compressors come with a sand tray with vibration isolators.


Makita is a brand of air compressors based in the United States. The company manufacturers all types of compressors that come with an ingress protection rating and is the leader in the cordless compressor category. The Makita compressors have a sand tray with vibration.

California Air

California Air, is an American company that manufactures different compressors such as the 300p compressor. The company is popular for manufacturing ultra-quiet, oil-free and lightweight compressors.


Metabo is an air compressor company, popular for producing air compressors that are efficient and durable. The company has a team of professionals, that ensure all the products are top quality.


RIDGID, also known as the RIDGID Tool Company, is an American manufacturer of air compressors. The company produces different types of compressors and also delivers them on time to its customers.

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is a company based in America that manufactures market power tools and air compressors. Since 2016, the company has been one of the largest suppliers of cordless power tools and compressors. The company is a subsidiary and brand of Techtronic Industries.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is an American company that manufactures different types of compressors and is a global leader in gas systems and services.


Kobalt is a company that manufactures a line of mechanics and hand tools and is owned by Chain Lowe. The company also produces a wide range of air compressors that confirm proper tire pressure.


Rolair is a company based in Wisconsin and is popular for providing air compressors of the highest quality. Rolair is one of the most reputable air compressor brands in the market.


DEWALT is a company that manufactures high-quality compressors and offers professional workhouse solutions such as service, tools, and accessories.

How Long do Viair Compressors last?

Typically a Viair 300p compressor can last for 10 to 15 years. However, air compressors rarely last this long. If you want to ensure that your Viair 300p compressor lasts for a long time and delivers proper tire pressure then you will need to do proper maintenance. Most Viair 300p compressors such as the Viair 300p rvs compressor, come equipped with an aluminum sand tray, so you will need to maintain the tray regularly as well. The Viair 300p and the Viar 300p rvs compressors both are powerful compressors, but you need to give them time to cool down, so ensure you do that.

Where are Viair Compressors Made?

The Viair compressors such as the Viair 300p and the Viair 300p rvs compressor, are all manufactured in China. The finished product is then shipped to the United States.

Do Viair Compressors need Oil?

The Viair 300p, Viair 300p Rvs, and other compressors manufactured by the company are oil-free. Since these compressors are oil-free, you can mount them in any direction you want to.

What is the top-rated portable air compressor?

This is one of the best portable air compressors on the market:

Viair 300p rvs Portable Tire Inflator

While the Viair 300p rvs is a portable tire inflator, it is also a compressor. This is a compact tire inflator and requires 12 volts of electrical power to run. The product has an air hose length of 30 feet and it can fill most RV tires easily. The power cord length of the Viair 300p rvs is about 8 feet, and the compressor has a net weight of 8 pounds. With this compressor, you can do accurate tire pressure maintenance, and it offers a 33 % duty cycle at 150 psi. The maximum working pressure of the Viair 300p rvs portable inflator is 150 psi and the maximum amp draw is 30 amps. This handy tire inflator is also equipped with a thermal overload protector. Once you have the Viair 300p compressor, you won’t need to visit your nearest gas station as often as you used to. This compressor will maintain proper tire pressure, and due to the long power cord length, you can plug the tire inflator into an electrical outlet and fill your RV tires. Lastly, the long air hose length will also enable you to do a variety of tasks.

What is the difference between Viair 400P and 450P - VIAIR Compressor Comparison

Viair rates its 400p compressor at a 33 % duty cycle, which means the machine can be used for 15 minutes, and then it needs to rest for half an hour. On the other hand, the 450p Viair compressor has a 100 % duty cycle rating and can work at 100 psi at an ambient temperature. On paper, the 450p compressor looks better than the 400p because of the 100 % duty cycle, because nobody likes to wait for their compressor to cool down for half an hour. However, the major difference between the two compressors is speed. While the 450p compressor can outlast the 400p one, it works slower than the 400p compressor. Both these compressors were tested on vehicles for 37 seconds. While both compressors were able to fill 35-inch tires, the 33 % duty cycle of the 400p compressor proved effective. That being said, you can run into situations where you need a compressor to cool down for more than 30 minutes, which will negate the speed advantage the 400p compressor gives. On the other hand, the 450p compressor, which is also a tire inflator, is a steady workhorse and is smoother and quieter than the 400p compressor.

How do you use an air compressor on a tire?

This is how you can use an air compressor to fill a tire:

Know the Air Pressure

Before you fill air in the tire, you need to know the amount of air pressure that will go into the tire. Most vehicles require at least 100 pounds per square inch (PSI) in every tire. However, the exact amount of psi varies and typically depends on the number of tires installed per axel. Please avoid using the psi value mentioned on the tire’s sidewall since that shows the maximum amount of pressure. You can check the manual of the tire to see the amount of air pressure it requires. This information is important because it will enable you to get an air compressor that suits your needs. A small or portable compressor can typically offer a psi of 100 to 150. A pressure gauge or an inline pressure gauge can help you understand the amount of pressure you require for a tire. If you add too much pressure to your tires, you can experience handling and performance issues. Please confirm proper tire pressure before using a compressor.

Prepare the Tire

The tire should have a stem cap on top of the valve stem. Remove the cap from the valve stem but ensure you don’t misplace the cap and also remove the tire chuck. Once the cap is removed from the valve stem, even if it is for just 60 to 90 seconds, the leftover air can escape the tire. Please avoid removing the stem cap until the compressor is ready for use and then begin filling tires. Avoid wasting time locating the stem and the tire chuck, and prepare the compressor kit beforehand.

Turn the Air Compressor On

With the help of electricity, turn the compressor on and let it accumulate the air. Some small-sized compressors come with a two-prong plug whereas large or medium-sized compressor typically comes with a three-prong plug. Ensure you are using the electrical outlets that match the compressor’s voltage. If you run the compressor on the wrong outlet, it can get seriously damaged and blow its circuits. Once the compressor is on, you will hear the motor of the machine working.

Some compressors also come with a permanent magnetic motor. Please place the compressor near the flat tire, so you can easily move the machine around. Attach the air hose to your compressor, and if there is a safety feature on the nozzle, please turn it on and begin filling tires. Depending on how flat your tire is, the air filling process can take a bit of time. Many compressors come with a pressure gauge that can guide you. Some tire inflators come with a digital system that turn off automatically when the tire is filled with air.

Is VIAIR a good brand?

Yes! VIAIR makes one of the best compressors in the market and the VIAIR 300p rvs portable tire inflator and other models are one of the most powerful compressors in the market. VIAIR 300p rvs is also a tire inflator, and comes with an aluminum sand tray. We recommend checking out VIAIR compressors before purchasing a compressor. Some VIAIR compressors also have dual battery clamps and you can use them for tire pressure maintenance as well.

How do use VIAIR 300p?

If you are using a VIAIR 300p compressor for the first time, then you definitely need a bit of guidance. While typically, VIAR 300p and VIAR 300p rvs compressors are not tough to use, you should always use them carefully. Here is how you can use the compressor:

Setup the Compressor

While normally, before setting up a tire inflator or a compressor, you should always check for the, since the VIAIR 300p and the VIAIR 300p rvs compressors are oil-free, you can skip this step. You can move to the next step which is the attachment of the air hose. To attach the coil hose, you must ensure that the compressor is sitting on a flat ground. Then, find the regulator valve, which is usually next to the pressure gauge. The valve is usually copper-colored and has a massive hole in the center.

Plug the Power Tool into the Hose

In one hand hold the hose, and in the other hand hold the power tool. Insert the tool’s plug in the free end of the hose, twist them together and lock them in place. When the tool is on the hose securely, it won’t fall off. If you are using the compressor to fill the air in a tire, push the coupler on the valve. Then, plug the compressor into an electrical outlet, with the help of its power cord. Before plugging the compressor, ensure the power switch is turned on. Please use a compressor that has a thermal overload protector. Please avoid using extension power leads, as extension power leads can damage the compressor. If you wish to attach a pair of air hoses together, slide the plug of one end of the hose into the other hose.

Operating the Compressor

Before you operate the VIAR 300p or VIAR 300 rvs compressor, please ensure you have proper safety gear such as closed-toe shoes and safety goggles. The safety equipment is important because you will be using a power tool with the compressor. To better protect your eyes, you can also put on polycarbonate goggles. A strong pair of shoes will help protect your feet from getting injured if a heavy piece of equipment fell on your foot. Some tools or tanks can be noisy, so should also consider wearing ear muffs. Then, turn on the safety valve in the compressor. When the valve is turned on, you will hear a hiss-type sound. Turn the compressor on and wait for the tank to build up air pressure. Wait for the pressure gauge needle to stop moving, which will signify that the air pressure inside the tank has reached its maximum level. Some compressors or a handy tire inflator may even have a smaller gauge along with the big one.

Check the power tool you are using to know its working pressure. For instance, the product information may state that the working pressure of the tool is 90 psi. For basic safety reasons, keep the compressor at an air pressure of 75 to 85 psi. Every power tool has a different rating, so you will need to adjust the pressure every time you change the power tool. For tires, you should know the tire size.

To match the tool’s psi pressure, you will need to adjust the knob of the compressor. The pressure knob is typically located near the air hose. Turn the knob anticlockwise, to increase the airflow pressure in the tank. While doing this, please keep an eye on the pressure gauge, as it will let you know the pressure level you need. When their is air in the tank, please operate the power tool. However, always wait for a few minutes before using the air compressor so that the air pressure builds in the tank.

Maintaining and Turning Off the Compressor

Once the work is done, open the valve of the drain, and let out all the condensation in the tank. The valve is located under the tank. Twist the valve counterclockwise so that the pressurized air can blow out all the moisture in the tank. Once the moisture is out, put the valve back in its place so that you no longer hear the airflow.

Which brand Compressor is the best?

There are many compressor brands in the market, but it is always tough to pick the best one. You need to consider several factors before picking a compressor brand, and for every individual, the factors vary significantly. However, VIAIR is the brand in the market that has been highly praised by customers for their quality. VIAIR compressors come with an ingress protection rating, which makes them safe to use. There are also many types of VIAIR compressors such as the VIVAR 300p, the VIAIR 300p rvs, VIAIR 400, VIAIR 400p and more.


In this article, we discussed the brands in the market that manufacture 300p air compressors. These are some of the best air compressor brands in the market. We also discussed some queries related to the topic such as which compressor brand is the best. How can you operate a 300p VIAIR compress etc. Hopefully, this article will give you some much-needed clarity, and get rid of all the confusion.

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