The coldest time of the year is coming. Please keep this guide for winter protection of air compressors!

The small cold solar term has just passed, and now it has officially entered the “39″, which means that the coldest period of the whole year in China is coming. The severe winter is a severe challenge for mechanical equipment, because with the gradual decrease of temperature, if the air compressor is improperly used or not maintained in time, it will lead to huge economic losses and potential safety hazards. How to make the air compressor work stably, smoothly and continuously and efficiently? Mu Feng compiled a winter protection guide for air compressors. 1. Before starting the air compressor, if the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, please use the heating device to heat the oil and gas barrel and the host. If it is a water-cooled unit, it is necessary to check whether the water cooler and waterway are frozen, and if so, it needs to be heated. 2, check the oil level in the normal position, check all the condensate drain has been closed, if the long-term downtime should be opened. The water cooling unit should also check whether the cooling water discharge port is closed, and this valve should be opened in case of long-term shutdown. 3. After the equipment is powered off, the host coupling should be manually operated, and it should rotate flexibly. Please don’t start the machine blindly when it is difficult to move. Check whether the machine body or motor is faulty, whether the lubricating oil is viscous and ineffective, etc., and start the machine only after troubleshooting. 4. For machines that have been shut down for a long time or the oil filter has been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace the oil filter before starting, so as to prevent the engine from heating instantly when the engine is started due to insufficient oil supply caused by the decrease of oil viscous penetrating oil filter ability at the beginning of startup, thus causing engine failure. 5. After the above work inspection, start the machine for the first time by inching, and check the operation and whether the sound is normal when the machine starts. If the temperature suddenly changes, please stop the machine immediately for inspection. Do not start the machine frequently. If necessary, add a proper amount of coolant into the machine body.





In the cold winter, in addition to the necessary protective work, the choice of air compressor is also very important. For air compressor, it can not only operate efficiently, but also be safe and energy-saving, and Mufeng air compressor is your best choice. Mufeng Air Compressor is a complete machine brand under Tongrun, which adopts independent intellectual property technology of Tongrun mainframe and is independently manufactured in the whole industrial chain. Among them, the permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion technology and two-stage double-drive series have obtained a number of national patents, and the application of the new energy-saving technology of Digital Intelligence and Internet of Things leads the new trend of compressor energy saving and environmental protection. According to the authoritative inspection of Hefei General Mechanical and Electrical Products Monitoring Institute, the unit specific power, unit volume flow and unit power of Mufeng screw air compressor greatly exceed the national first-class energy efficiency standard. After years of market verification, Mufeng two-stage double-drive series air compressors have won unanimous praise from the market for their advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high stability.


红色 pm22kw (5)


Driven by Tongrun, Suzhou Mufeng Compressor Equipment Co., Ltd. and Yuanqiwulian Energy-saving Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly developed the “Yuanqiwulian” intelligent air compressor station system, which can provide energy-saving and predictive maintenance solutions for air compressor stations, provide data support for energy-saving and maintenance, improve unit reliability, ensure intelligent coordination and intelligent control of multiple stations, and save energy by 17%-42% for the whole station.

Although the cold weather will bring great challenges to the work of air compressors, no matter how bad the environment is, as long as the right air compressor is selected and the protection work is done well, it will not affect the continuous, efficient and energy-saving supply of clean air for enterprises and users.



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