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Compressed air is the fourth most widely used energy source, second only to traditional energy sources such as electric energy. As a necessary item for air compressors, air storage tanks are widely used in various fields of production and life in our country. According to the safety factor of the gas storage tank, the gas storage tank is divided into a simple pressure vessel and a fixed pressure vessel.

First, the scope: the conditions that need to be met at the same time: 1. The container is composed of a simplified flat head, a convex head or two convex heads; 2. The main pressure components such as the cylinder, the head and the nozzle are The material is carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel or Q345R; 3. The design pressure is less than or equal to 1.6MPa; 4. The volume is less than or equal to 1 cubic meter; 5. The product of the working pressure and the volume is less than or equal to 1.0MPa.m3; 6. The medium should be water vapor evaporated from air or nitrogen and medical distilled water; 7. The design temperature is greater than or equal to -20°C, and the maximum working temperature is less than or equal to 150°C; 8. Welding containers that are not directly heated by flame.

Second, the nameplate: before the simple pressure vessel leaves the factory, the manufacturer needs to install the nameplate of the simple pressure vessel in the obvious position determined by the design. The nameplate should contain at least: 1. Product name and serial number; 2. Manufacturing license number and name of manufacturing unit; 3. Date of manufacture, year and month; 4. Volume, design temperature and design pressure; 5. , Recommended service life; 6. Working medium; 7. Net weight of the container. Manufacturers need to provide product qualification certificates, instruction manuals, completed drawings (copies), and inspection certificates issued by supervision and inspection agencies. This series of certificates is often referred to as quality certificates (certificates).

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