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If you use pneumatic and other power tools, an air compressor is definitely one device you will be used to. Portable air compressors come in different specifications, though. There are electric sir compressors and diesel sir compressors. Diesel air compressors tend to have a much higher PSI and are mainly used for heavy tools because of their ability to produce stronger compressed air.

In this article, we review industrial diesel air compressors in detail and recommend a trusted diesel air compressor brand.

What Is A Diesel Air Compressor?

A diesel air compressor is simply an air compressor fueled by diesel. Rotary Screw portable diesel air compressors are mostly powered by diesel, and they allow operators to produce sufficient compressed air to power applications and equipment. The performance of a diesel powered compressor is the same as an electric powered compressor, with the difference being their energy source.

A portable diesel air compressor is mainly used in industrial facilities, plants, and construction sites where heavy duty equipment is common.

How Does A Diesel Air Compressor Work?

A portable air compressor uses an engine to convert diesel to mechanical power and then convert that into air power. The engine in question is a combustion engine installed inside the case, and this engine combines fuel, air, and lubricants inside high pressure cylinders. These chemicals mix up to combust, which produces pressure that moves the pistons inside the engine.

The mechanical movement is what forces the rotors inside the compressor to move. This action compresses the air, and the portable compressed air circulated across the system alongside lubricated oil that passes through several coolers and filters. The state of the art technology of diesel air compressors has been a groundbreaking achievement that has led to the massive deployment of pneumatic tools on an industrial scale.

Tools That Require Air Compressors

Air and pneumatic tools of all kinds use air compressors, but the heavy duty ones use diesel powered versions because they have much higher pounds per square inch (psi). Here are some of the heavy tools you will need a diesel air compressor for.

Pavement Breakers

A pavement breaker is a tool used for breaking payments. They are rigged and can crack the strongest concrete in a swift blow. Pavement breakers come in different specifications, such as light breakers, medium breakers, and heavy duty breakers. Light breakers have a specification range of 37cfm-49 cfm, and they are used for demolition work like breaking concrete and pulling down bridge decks. Medium breakers have 48 cfm for concrete road breaking and high impact demolition work. As for the heavy duty version boasting an average of 62 cfm, they are designed for more demolition of strong reinforced concrete that medium breakers cannot break.

Chipping Hammers

Chipping Hammers are used for work applications, structure demolition, and concrete or mason removal. This equipment is used in the construction industry, and they require portable compressors with 26- 33 cfm pressurized air capacity.

Rivet Busters

Rivet Busters are best for metal and concrete applications. You can use busters to break concrete, chip hard surfaces, and rivet removal. Rivet busters are widely deployed in shipyards, railroads, steel maintenance, petrochemical plants, and the construction industry. This tool requires compressed air of 44-50 cubic feet.

General Demolition tools

General demolition tools are medium and lightweight models that require 33-37 cfm. A light tool is used for clay and hardpan excavation or light structure demolition. The medium model is ideal for concrete breaking and bridge deck repairs.

Backfill Tampers

Backfill Tampers are meant for backfilling poles, structures, and other foundations. They compact excavated soil so pavement patching can be done. The backfilling process requires speed and adequate control; that is why mechanical tampers are used. For a tamper to work effectively, it requires a minimum of 32 cfm.

Drilling Hammers

Drilling hammers are efficient concrete crackers due to their pounding force. They are very good for opening up ground to set up anchors and other drilling rigs. Hammers are widely deployed in the construction industry and require a minimum of 21 cfm for premium performance.

Rock Drills

A rock drill is used for blowing and drilling hard surfaces. It has a powerful downward hammer force with a wide range of CFM requirements depending on the specification. Some drills require a minimum of 53 cfm, while others may require up to 80 cfm or up cfm. Rock drills can work in different environments and for various applications. You can use it to drill a depth of 6ft and beyond with a width of 1.5 inches.

There are many more power tools you need a diesel air compressor for, but the ones listed above are common ones.

Benefits Of Diesel Air Compressors

We pointed out that there are electric air compressors and diesel air compressors at the start of this article, but diesel compressors have certain advantages over electric versions. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy if you buy a diesel air compressor depending on how many cubic feet your application needs and the compressor type.

Same Fuel

If you already use a diesel truck, you will save time and stress looking for a different duel for your air compressor since you already use a diesel powered version. Some compressors use the same VMAC D60 diesel that conventional trucks use, so should you run out of fuel during work, you can immediately draw fuel from your truck’s tank, and work will continue without interruption for most industrial applications..

Energy Efficient

A skid mounted diesel compressor is energy efficient compared to other gasoline compressors. Although the cost of gasoline and diesel is slightly the same, a diesel air compressor consumes 25% less energy than a gasoline compressor to do the same work. This is because diesel burns slower than gasoline, and if you opt for a rotary screw model, you will spend less on fuel. This can help you reduce overhead costs and break even because they require less maintenance.


Diesel compressors are known to be compact and portable. Contrary to public sentiment that the size of a compressor determines its capacity, diesel compressors throw that sentiment out the window. Diesel versions are easy to move, and some manufacturers like Mikov install wheels so users can move them from place to place with ease at your job site.

High Flashpoint

You should also know that diesel has a much higher flashpoint than gasoline making it a safer option for workers and the general environment. The risk of a fire outbreak due to overheating is limited.


A diesel air compressor is very reliable and durable. The engine can function for several hours without packing up or overheating. If you want a compressor that will serve you for years to come, a diesel model is highly recommended.

A Rotary Screw Diesel Air Compressor

If you did a quick search review for the best diesel air compressor models, you would realize within a short time that the rotary screw model is adjudged as the best and superior to others for mobile applications. Here are some of the reasons and other features why manufacturers, administrators, and construction managers prefer rotary screw compressors.

Robust Duty Cycle

Rotary screw compressors can run at 100% cycle, while other models can only do 20-30% duty cycle. Let’s interpret this for clarity. For rotary screw compressors, for every 100 seconds the compressor runs, it supplies full power for 100 seconds, but the others only supply full power for 20-30 seconds. Even if you find a 2-stage non rotary compressor that can provide full power for every 100 seconds, it will run out of the air since it will produce less power than the tool it is used for over a long period of time for utility work.

To counter this shortcoming, users have to buy a compressor with a bulky frame and a larger tank that is heavy to move. But rotary screw compressors are compact and produce more air.

Longer Shelf Life

A rotary screw compressor can serve for years before it becomes redundant. They are mobile z durable and come with VMAC compatibility that may even outlast your truck if serviced regularly. They don’t break down easily, and should they, fixing it should not be a problem. Also, their replacement parts are easy to source on request since manufacturers produce replacment parts for customers.

Higher CFM

Of all the different diesel air compressors on sale, a rotary screw model have a much higher ceiling with more CFM capacity than the rest. If it has more CFM/HP, that means a smaller horsepower engine can produce a much higher output. Let’s also add that it is energy efficient, so you don’t need to spend more on diesel to keep it running

The only downside to rotary diesel air compressors is that they are quite complex and require technical support to repair. But if you have a trained technician, you can always repair yours when the need arises.

Mikovs Large Displacement Diesel Air Compressors for Mining

If you are into mining, you’ll definitely need a very reliable diesel air compressor to power pneumatic tools in your plant. Look no further than Mikovs large mobile diesel air compressor. Although Mikovs manufactures different types of air compressors, including oil free and rotary screw compressors, this large displacement model is best suited for Mining applications.

If you go for this diesel air compressor, you are guaranteed

·         High efficiency

·         Low energy consumption

·         Durability and strength

Here are some of its amazing features


It has an LCD screen and an intelligent controller. The screen is 7 inches wide, so you can see the ranges clearly. It also has a barometer, tachometer, and other graphical representations. Mikov is Iap65 protected and best for -30 – 70 degrees Celsius temperature.

Filtration System

This compressor has several filtration systems with special configurations and a heavy fueling system. This design prevents oil damage and prolongs its operational life.

Liquid Cooling

The injection system uses a liquid coolant that you can quickly fill up when it dries. The coolant prevents engine overheating.

Air Evacuation Valve

Mikov offers a custom exhaust design layout to suit your application. There are different layouts for different applications and gas management.

Cummins Engine

This diesel air compressor uses an American branded Cummins engine with its advanced structure and strong output. It optimizes fuel consumption and ensures smooth operation at all times.

Wing Door Board

The special European wing Door makes for a wider operating space. The service points are strategically placed side by side for easy maintenance and operational efficiency.

Mikovs Is A Global Industry Leader

For more than 20 years now, Mikovs has been at the forefront of engineering innovation with a primary focus on the design, development, and production of efficient industrial tools. Operating two factories in Guangzhou and Shanghai, we have developed the competence to design custom applications to meet the needs of manufacturers and companies across different industries.

We major in the following

·         Rotary Screw Compressor

·         Oil Free Screw air compressors

·         Energy Saving screw air compressor

·         Portable screw air compressor

·         Two stage air compressor

·         Portable screw air compressor

·         Air treatment equipment

And a host of many other tools and applications.

Our vision is to help business and supply chains scale up and grow their profit margins by offering them economical but efficient applications

Why You Should Order Our Diesel Air Compressor?

There’s so much your business will gain if you order our diesel air compressors. Here are some of the benefits to expect.

High Quality

We have been in business for 20 years and know the designs that work and those that do not. Our diesel air compressors are some of the best in the industry because they are easy to operate, durable, and do not overheat. Our low risk design is a win for your business and the environment. This is why more than 100 companies around the world depend on our compressors because they know that they can be trusted.


If you do a price comparison online, you will agree that our diesel compressors are affordable. You don’t have to inflate your budget to afford a good air compressor. Even on a low budget, you will find a compressor for your application. And cheap does not mean inferior; all our diesel air compressors are tested, and CE certified.

Quick Customer Service Response

Our customer service response is fast, and we reply to inquiries within 24 hours. No delays or downtime with Mikov. All our partners can vouch for our excellent service.

Help You Save Cost

We help you save costs by offering compressors and tools that are efficient and low maintenance. We know that the last thing you want is a compressor that breaks down every few days or weeks and costs so much to repair. We take that burden off you by providing you with rugged compressors that can work without breakdowns for months.


So if you want to buy a diesel air compressor, look no further than Mikov. Our customer service team remains active, and we will reply to your message at short notice. If you are planning to place bulk orders for any of our air compressors or other application tools, kindly let us know in your messages. We operate expedited shipping and can ship to any part of the world at short notice.

We can also provide you with custom compressors to meet your unique needs, as we have done for many other clients of ours. At Mikov, we’ve got you covered. So contact us today or visit our website to know more.

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