Mikovs Customized Industrial Use Screw Air Compressor with air dryer and air tank screw compressor


Screw air compressor is suitable for food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, cigarette industry, rubber and plastic products, metallurgical industry, heavy industry, chemical fiber industry, etc.

Refrigerated dryer, filter, air storage tank, screw air compressor four-in-one machine
1. High reliability, few parts and no wearing parts, so it operates reliably and has a long life. The design life of the main head of a general screw machine is 30 years.
2. It is easy to operate and maintain, and has a high degree of automation. Operators do not need to undergo long-term professional training to achieve unattended operation.
3. The dynamic balance is good, there is no unbalanced inertial force, the machine can work smoothly at high speed, and realize the operation without foundation.
4. Strong adaptability, with the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the volumetric flow rate is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of working conditions. Without any modification of the compressor structure, It is suitable for a variety of working conditions, so it is easy to shape and mass produce.
5. Multi-phase mixed transmission, there is actually a gap between the tooth surfaces of the rotor, so it can withstand the impact of liquid, and can pressurize gas containing liquid, gas containing dust, and gas that is easy to polymerize.
6. The flow adjustment of the slide valve does not require backflow, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.
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