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If you need the best Air Compressors, you need a model that is stable and designed to meet your needs, and that is where Mikovs comes in. Mikovs is a top rated manufacturer with factories in Shanghai City and Guangzhou, and we produce nothing but the best quality compressors.

Our factory spans 27000 square meters, and we have the capacity to produce up to 6000 air compressor direct units every month. With more than 200 technicians and 6 assembling lines, rest assured that we can meet your demand for portable air compressors at short notice.

What Is An Air Compressor?

An Air compressor is a mechanical system that converts electricity into pressurized air. Compressed air is much stronger than ordinary air and is useful for power tools and industrial applications. Air compressors are built to store air under significant pressure, which in turn creates enough energy to power different types of pneumatic tools. The compressor absorbs and circulates air. It filters the air and then returns it to the desired outlet.

Unlike other engineering applications and air tools that use a centralized power source because of their energy requirements, air compressors don’t consume too much power because they run on smaller motors. They are smaller, produce less noise, and are very durable. Some models are powered by an electric motor and others by a gas engine.

Since they were invented, they have become a common theme in factories, engineering facilities, petrol stations, and even homes. Due to their reliability and flexibility,  homes and businesses have found different uses for them.



Quality Air Compressors

Our compressors are some of the best high quality air compressors in the industry because we do proper system research and design before we produce them, and every component is built with durable parts. Our air compressor features include

·         High pressure compressors

·         Energy saving VSD compressors

·         Piston compressors

·         Screw type compressors

·         Oil Free compressors

·         All In One Compressors

Our shop air compressor offerings are numerous and they have different per square inch range, so you have all the different options to pick from. Furthermore, all our products are safe, and TUV and CE certified. So you get nothing but the best air compressors. Our watchword is to create value for our customers with every sale we make

Mikovs Air Compressors

Here are some of the bestselling hot dog compressors and twin stack compressors from our factory.

1.     Best Vertical 1-8 Bar Oil Free Silent Air Compressor


This is a vertical oil free air compressor that is super silent, releases pure air, and is very easy to maintain. The quality of this compressor guarantees you a long shelf life, so your investment is secure. It has a safety valve with sensitive detection, an unloading function, a stable and reliable engine, and is also environmentally friendly. This high efficiency unit is energy saving and exactly what you need.

The air seperator uses a special pressure regulator that is adjustable so the required air pressure can be maintained at all times. Also, the automatic filter effectively compresses air and wields out impurities that will mess up the air. The stainless steel parts are anti rust and hard. The storage tank is produced with Baosteel, which is a rolled steel plate with outer and inner layers for extra protection. This design makes it very hard for corrosion to occur.

We should also mention that the stainless steel capacitor is arranged with a pressure film and advanced international winding. Suffice to say that the technology guarantees an extended lifespan that is explosion proof, durable, and equipped to handle multiple interfaces. The overload protector has a double Reed structure to prevent abnormal operation or its attendant effect. These features make it ideal for most air tools and nail guns.


2.      Best Price MCS-37ZKW Air Compressor


Another very good Mikovs sir compressor direct is the MCS-37ZKW screw model with iP23 motor. This one works without an inverter and can be used for ODM and OEM. The beauty of this system is its industrial air flexibility. You can customize it to suit your unique needs. For instance, the voltage can be customized to either a single 220v/240v or dual voltage customization.

This model has a much larger displacement, 10% higher than conventional piston compressors. It is easy to operate and can run for a full 24 hours without shutting down. No crash, very low failure rate, and stable pressure are some of the values you enjoy with this screw model air compressor.

If you order it, it will be delivered to you in a carton or wooden box, depending on your choice. The air end also differs depending on your selection. Mikov uses Hanbell Air end, Baosi Air end, and GUI ends for their air compressors.


3.      Easy Belt Drive 7.5KW MCS-7.5 Air Compressor


This East Belt compressor by Mikovs is an isothermal and energy saving unit. It uses two stage compression, which allows you to save up to 8% on energy costs. If you are big on energy conservation, this is one unit to consider. It has two sets with different screw sizes and a rotor for pressure distribution relative to the compressor ratio. MCS-7.5 is designed to reduce internal leaks and to improve volumetric efficiency.

Bearing loading is reduced, and the bearing and air end are extended. You get the quality you pay for with this Easy Belt drive air compressor. It does not fit all applications, so make sure you do your system analysis before you order it.

4.      7.5KW-132KW Variable Speed Rotary Air Compressor


This is another high quality rotary compressor by Mikovs labeled as one of the best rotary compressors in the market. It is 35% more energy efficient than rival models and ideal for big industries and factories with more air consumption requirements. It uses a permanent magnet structure called “Permanent Magnet King”  that can function at a relatively high temperature, so the fear of demagnetization occurring is nothing to worry about. With this rotary compressor, you enjoy super efficiency, silent operation, easy maintenance, and long term value.

Furthermore, you don’t have to keep changing replacement parts every now and then because the ones the engine came with are durable. Investing in a rotary air compressor that will last should be a priority for you. Beyond that z the ease of maintenance is another thing you should be on the loon out for.

Fortunately, this model by Mikovs ticks all the right boxes for quality, efficiency, and longevity.

5.      1.5-37KW Oil Free 10 Bar Air Compressor


This model is a German class oil free certified air compressor with high durability and high efficiency. What’s more? It is low maintenance and low noise, so you don’t have to raise your overhead cost to keep it running. Should you install this air compressor in your factory or facility, you stand to benefit immensely.

Firstly, it is pollution free since it does not use oil. Your staff doesn’t have to deal with oil fumes and air contamination during operation. Secondly, it has only a few parts that are synonymous with German engineering, so you don’t have to change them too frequently; moreover, they are each of high quality. This oil free air compressor guarantees a long service life, less maintenance, and very little vibration.

The modular integration is lightweight and small. This allows you ample maneuver room to install it in a small space without resetting your operation lime to create room for it. Enjoy low operating cost and energy efficiency with this Mikovs zero emission oil free compressor.


6.      Large Displacement Diesel Air Compressor


If you are into mining, this diesel compressor is the one to go for. This powerful model is specially designed for the mining industry. It uses an American Cummins known for their running cost low trust their large displacement compressor. It uses a high tech LCD controller and a set of analog tachometers, barometers, and dynamic graphics. You can also connect it to a 7 inch LCD to see the parameters clearly and the multi language interface.

The filtration system uses a unique heavy pump to prevent interior oil damage and to ensure that the machine functions as well as it should. There is a liquid injection coolant added to the mix. The coolant is clearly seen, so you can track it to know when it is about to run out and needs to be replenished. As for the exhaust valves, they come in different sizes and layouts rather than a one-cap-fits-all design. This allows greater installation flexibility to adapt it to your application.

Lastly, the PT fuel system of its Cummins engine guarantees good fuel economy, easy operation, and uninterrupted performance. Despite its size, it is lightweight and easy to transport or maneuver. Operating it is easy using the controller.

Why You Should Buy Mikovs Air Compressors?

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer or supplier of the best air compressors in the market, look no further than Mikovs. Besides the models reviewed above, we have many others, and our compressors have found their way into different facilities. Today, they are deployed in different industries and for different applications.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy from us.

Energy Efficiency

Our air compressors are highly rated for their energy efficiency. Who says you have to increase your overhead cost simply because you installed a new compressor in your factory? No, you don’t because our technology is designed to make production cheaper, not more expensive. Over the years, we have helped many factories and manufacturers save millions in production costs without diesel and electric compressors.


Air compressors are quite pricey but wouldn’t you want an affordable but yet reliable model for your plant? That is why we offer our customers. We offer the best compressors at affordable prices that low budget buyers can afford. No matter your needs, there is an air compressor on our list that you can afford since we produce different models for small, medium, and large factories

Environment Friendly

Our technology is environmentally friendly. At Mikovs, we understand the negative impact production factories can have on the environment, and our technology is geared towards minimizing or eliminating them. Our diesel compressor is low fume and low noise. Also, our oil free 10-Bar compressor is known to run without oil discharges. Rest assured that your workers, facility, and the entire environment are safe if you buy our environmentally friendly air compressors.

Long Shelf Life

When you buy an air compressor from us, have it at the back of your mind that you are buying a compressor that will last for years. The reason for this is not far fetched. Our designs only use a few moving parts, and each component is fitted with high quality parts. This is why our compressors don’t break down so easily. And if they do, they are easy to fix. If you pay full price for any of our models, you are sure of using them for many years to come.


Large Capacity

Our factories in Shanghai and Guangzhou can scale up production at short notice. Are you looking for a supplier of quality air compressors? We have the capacity to deliver if you contract us to produce for you. Currently, our factories have a production capacity of 6000 units per month, and we can increase output if the need arises. So rest assured that we can meet your order within strict deadlines: no delays, no defaults, or excuses.

Skilled Technicians

We have more than 200 skilled and experienced technicians at our factories with proven years of experience. That is why every single unit that leaves our factory is nothing short of quality. When you have good technicians working in factories using standard tools and advanced technology, the output can only be better than average.


All our air compressor direct are certified for quality, and we keep pursuing innovation as we improve your design in order to serve our customers better. Every unit we sell is tested for quality to offer long term value. Our pancake compressors and other models have large storage tanks.

Quality Customer Service

We operate first class customer service, and our processes are streamlined to cater to their needs. All production, logistics, sales, and services are streamlined to meet the needs of the customer as quickly as possible. Once you receive your order, we expedite shipping so your compressor can get to you as quickly as possible within the shortest time.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Mikoelvs today to place your order for any of our air compressors. You can also order for bulk purchases, and we will surely meet your demands. Our vision is to help production plants meet their targets effectively and affordably too. Send us a message or call any of our hotlines, and our customers will respond speedily.

Air Compressor Direct FAQ

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Rotary Screw Compressor?

You should change the oil after every 7000 hours of use. But the need for an oil change will depend on the type of compressor. Some compressors only need an oil change after 3 months.


Are Filters in Air Compressors Replaceable?

Yes, they are. While filters should be cleaned weekly depending on how often the compressor is used, you should change it once you begin to notice wear and tear.

How much will air compressors direct cost me?

There are different types of compressors. How much you spend on the compressor will depend on the PSI range, specifications, and other features.

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