Mikovs 20 Gallon Air Compressors

If you work with pneumatic tools, you definitely need an air compressor, but air compressors differ in terms of their pound per square inch (PSI) and capacity. For medium and light applications, 20 gallon air compressors are the ideal models.

Today, a vertical air compressor is commonly used at job sites, garages, and even for some home applications. If you already have a small pancake compressor that cannot handle the job at hand, you don’t have to spend too much on heavy duty two stage air compressors. You can still go for a portable model like a 20 gallon air compressor. They are portable, space saving, and mobile units that can perform light and medium scale tasks.

Despite not being strong enough to handle industrial-grade tasks, you can still use them to run many tools like

·         Frame nailers

·         Pneumatic drills

·         Sanders

·         Brand nailers

And much more. This versatile DIY tool also comes in handy for powering some light tools at workshops and construction sites.

In this article, we want to do a deep dive into what a 20 gallon compressor is all about, the benefits of using one, and the best manufacturer you can trust to supply your business with durable units that will get work done and also last for years. Read until the end to learn a thing or two.

What Is 20 Gallon Air Compressor?

A 20 gallon air compressor is a medium air compressor used by DIY handymen and at factories and manufacturing businesses all over the world for power tools and industrial air applications. They are of two models, namely electric and gas units. Electric units use direct electricity to function, while a gas unit can be powered by either petrol or diesel.

For manufacturing outfits, air compressors are critical to their short and long term operational goals, without which they cannot function effectively. Furthermore, heavy duty sir compressors with higher CFM are quite expensive, so to scale down on cost, manufacturers opt for 20 gallon units to power some of their light tools.

20 gallon models are not the only specification, though. There are lower 10 gallon compressors with smaller tanks and larger models with 30 gallons and up to 80 gallons for a power tool. But in recent times, the 20 gallon model has become the economic choice for many because it has a horsepower strong enough to power many tools in the workplace.

Also called a portable air compressor because of its size, it is measured according to its tank capacity. Besides the tank, other features set it apart from other air compressors. One is the CFM or PSI and the overall function or energy need. The efficiency of all compressors and their ability to compress air is another critical factor.

The best 20 gallon compressors have strong handles, Integrated frames, wheels, handles, and strong bases that can handle the weight of the engine. In addition to that, they also have easy to use features, are compact, and are very easy to maintain. The ease of maintenance is perhaps the commonly cited reason why hobbyists choose it for their projects. If you want an air compressor that will not cost you much but will get the job done, a 20 gallon air compressor is definitely what you need.

The Best Compressor Model For Your Business

Pneumatic tools need air compressors to function efficiently. As a business owner or factory manager, two things will always come to mind when picking a work tool.

·         Efficiency

·         Cost

While you want tools that will work efficiently, you also want to keep costs low; otherwise, your business will incur losses. To achieve both goals, a 20 gallon compressor is exactly what you need. It can generate enough air pressure for your work tools, and it has buttons you can initiate to pause and resume work. You experience no delays or downtimes with this type of compressor.

Furthermore, they don’t cost as much as heavy duty compressors. You can even use them as your backup compressor to power lighter tools while the heavy duty compressor is taken out of action to save running costs.

20 gallon air compressors are versatile and suitable for different business applications. Let’s also not forget to mention that they have a relatively long operational life. If you buy one today and maintain it regularly, it can last up to 30 years, depending on the model; that amounts to roughly 40,000-60,000 hours. A durable 20 gallon air compressor will hardly break down, and if it does, repairing it is easy.

Types Of 20 Gallon Air Compressors

20 gallon air compressors are categorized by Single stage and Dual stage ranges.

Single Stage

A Single stage air compressor is also called a piston compressor. This type works a little differently from a dual stage compressor. It compresses air only once before it is used to power your air tools. A Single stage compressor can also store compressed air for future use. It works by sucking air into its cylinder and then compressing it to a pressure of about 120 PSI before moving it into the 20 gallon storage tank. This is the type used by DIY hobbyists.

Dual Stage

A Dual stage compressor is also called a 2 stage compressor. This type compresses air twice to double the pressure of up to 175 PSI or even higher. Dual stage compressors are ideal for much heavier pneumatic tools that a Single stage compressor cannot power. This is the type commonly used in industrial outfits. It has a drain valve and hoses.

Features Of A 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Here are some of the features of a 20 gallon air compressor you should be aware of.

Maximum Pressure Rating (MPR)

All compressors their pressure calculated in terms of the pounds per square inch produced. This PSI is also called the MPR, and it is crucial you know the PSI requirement of your tools before you buy a 20 gallon compressor. If your tools require 125 PSI or less, you can go for a Single stage compressor, but for a much higher PSI requirement, a Dual stage compressor is what you need. However, a PSI requirement of more than 180 will require more power that a 20 gallon compressor cannot deliver, so you need something much higher, like an industrial grade model.

Air Flow Rate

The Air Flow Rate is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is another compressor features to check. It is related to the maximum PSI capacity. Note that pneumatic tools have specific CFM requirements as well; anything below their requirements will lead to inefficiency. For instance, the average Brad nailer requires a 90 PSI and a 0.3 CFM to function effectively; orbital sanding machines need 90 PSI and between 6-9 CFM. So always check your air flow rate or CFM before you buy a 20 gallon compressor.

Compressor Pump

20 gallon models have two types of compressor pumps; one is the oil free pump version, and the other is the oil lubricated version. The oil lubricated model is more powerful and durable for long term work, but you will have to maintain it regularly; otherwise, it will break down. The oil free model does not require regular maintenance and is user-friendly and environmentally safe; however, it is not as powerful as the oil lubricated version.

Deciding on the option to go for should be down to your PSI and CFM requirements. If you have applications that require more force, you should opt for the oil lubricated model.

Benefits Of 20 Gallon Air Compressors

So what are the benefits of using a 20 gallon air compressor? Let’s show you a few.

Portable & Compact

It is portable and compact. This means that you can store it in a small space and also move it from place to place with ease. This makes it a user-friendly tool for expansive work sites where mobility is crucial. Unlikely heavier compressors that require significant effort to move or pull, 20 gallon units are easier to move around.


This type of air compressor is versatile. This means that it is stronger enough to power medium pneumatic tools, so you can use it for light and medium tools. It can handle small handy jobs and some light industrial works, making it an all-around compressor for a vast variety of applications.


It is not as expensive as heavy duty compressors, but it can perform some of the tasks that heavy duty compressors can. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on an air compressor, you can opt for a cheaper version like a 20 gallon model if it meets your application requirements.

Low Maintenance

You should also know that it is a low maintenance compressor, especially the oil free model. It is delivered to you fully assembled, and you don’t have to waste time and resources on them unless something goes awfully wrong, which is rare.

Safety Tips For Using A 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Just like with other air compressors, there are certain safety tips you need to imbibe to prevent accidents and damage. Here they are.

Wear Ear Muffs: Always wear ear muffs when working with an air compressor because it can be very loud. Since you will be close to the engine when using it, you need to protect your eardrums with sound-blocking ear muffs.

Check The Valves & Hoses: Before you start work, check the valves and hoses to be sure they are in their proper position and it hanging loosely or detached. If you notice anyone out of place, do well to re-attach it before you switch the compressor on.

Keep Children Away: As with all work tools, keep children away from the work areas and from the compressor. Never leave a compressor on but unattended m if you have to leave the work site for even a minute, turn it off.

Read The Manual: Once you take delivery of an air compressor, never use it without reading the manual first to know its peak power and break-in period. Failure to do so may lead to future mistakes that will ruin it.

Mikovs: The Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor Manufacturer

For more than 20 years now, we have been at the forefront of the industrial revolution by producing durable and cost-efficient tools for homes, businesses, and industries. Our 20 Gallon air compressors have been adjudged one of the best in the global market, and there is proof to support our claims. This is why they have been shipped to different countries and continents across the world. Even today, they remain in top demand.

We manufacture our compressors at two sites; our Shanghai City factory and Guangzhou City factory spanning more than 27000 square meters of ground.

We have improved our capacity over the years with a monthly production capacity of 6000 compressor units. So if you are looking to order 20 gallon compressors or any other compressor models in bulk, we have the capacity to deliver and on time too.

We invest heavily in Research and Design, which is why we have been able to expand our product listing to include different types of compressors like

·         Rotary screw

·         Oil free

·         Piston type

·         High pressure

·         Energy saving VSD

·         All in one

With more than 200 skilled technicians on site, we have what it takes to meet orders at short notice. Furthermore, all our compressors are factory tested before they are shipped out. So there are almost zero complaints from our customers. However, in the event that one or a few of our units are faulty, you have nothing to worry about because your orders are backed by warranties.

Our vision is to help businesses grow by improving their efficiency and opersational capacity. We can also produce custom made air compressors for you if none of our current offerings match your requirement. Our is a quality you can trust.

Certified Compressors

All our air compressors have CE and TUV certification for safety and durability. They have also passed ISO9001 management certification, so rest assured that what you buy from us will be nothing but the best compressors money can buy. Each unit is produced using cutting edge technology, and they meet international standards. We have successfully combined advanced German and Chinese technology to produce nothing but the best air compressors that will meet your needs.

Mikovs: Why You Should Order Our 20 Gallon Air Compressors


At Mikovs, we want your business to scale; hence we offer affordable 20 gallon air compressors that can work with different applications. You don’t have to increase your budget simply because you need work tools. Our affordable prices match any brand, and you get the quality you pay for.

Low Noise

Although air compressors make a lot of noise, our Mikovs 20 gallon air compressors don’t make too much noise when it is working. They are environmentally friendly.

Fast Shipping

Once you place your order for our compressors, we package your order and ship it to you at short notice. No delays along the way.

For your 20 gallon air compressor orders, please send us a message today and let us know what your requirements are, and our customer care agents will get back to you. We also handle bulk orders too.

Mikovs 20 Gallon Air Compressors FAQ

What Is The Maximum PSI of A 20 Gallon Air Compressor?

A single stage compressor can run at 125 PSI, while a dual stage compressor can hit 175 PSI. This range is enough to power light and medium scale pneumatic tools.

How Many Amps Does An Electric Compressor Draw?

A 20 gallon electric air compressor will draw about 15 amps. For that, you will need a 110 volt AV outlet.

Should I Drain My 20 Gallon Air Compressor After Use?

Yes, your should. Leaving fluid inside the tank will damage it. Also, compressed air is an explosive risk. So always drain leftover air before you store the compressor.

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