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The air compressor oil-water separator mainly treats the oily waste water in the condensate of the air compressor, and the sewage enters the oil-water separator for two-stage separation. It is mainly used in various air compressor oily waste water and oily waste water in other industries.
Main principle: The coalescence principle separates oil and water, the oil floats to the upper layer and is collected by the oil collector, and the water is discharged.
1. Small size, portable, easy to use
2. Two-stage separation, good effluent effect, and can be discharged directly up to the standard
3. No need for pretreatment with dosing, can achieve direct discharge up to the standard
4. The separation speed is fast, which is ten times that of general gravity separation
5. Automatic operation, easy maintenance
The process is as follows:
The condensate under pressure passes through the pressure release chamber to release the pressure (if it is not removed, it will affect the first specific gravity separation). When the condensate is stored in the oil-water separator cavity, the oil and water are separated by gravity, and the oil floats on it and enters the oil storage tank through the collecting pipe.
After the separation of specific gravity, the condensate mixed with oil and water passes through the pipeline in the lower part of the cavity, enters the pre-filter and adsorption filter, and is discharged from the discharge pipe after purification.
Application areas:
The waste oil and water, emulsion and waste oil and water produced by the entire air compressor system after compression by the air compressor are collected and processed in layers to meet the requirements of environmental
protection discharge.

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