How to find cheapest air compressor suppliers

s it possible to get a cheap supplier for air compressors? Yes, it is, but you need to look in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can find the cheapest air compressor suppliers and what you need to consider before purchasing the compressor from a supplier.

Be it a portable air compressor or a regular air compressor, there are always suppliers in the market that supply cheap compressors that offer quality just as good as the expensive models. The air compressor features are topnotch, and the air pressure is up to the mark.

However, regardless of the products that company makes, you should always opt for reputable companies such as:

  • Quincy Compressor
  • Atlas Copco Compressors LLC
  • Gardener Denver Inc.
  • Ingersoli Rand
  • Campbell Hausfeld

These companies produce products in all price ranges, so you can check out their product range, and you will easily find a compressor that suits your budget.

Please consider these factors before hiring an air compressor supplier:

Is the Supplier Experienced?

Ask the supplier if they have been in the market for a while before you invest in their air compressors.

Is the Supplier Flexible

When it comes to construction projects, there are several changes and uncertainties, so ask the supplier if they are flexible enough to go according to your work schedule.

Air Small Air Compressors Worth It?

A portable air compressor, hot dog compressors, and pancake air compressors do get the job done, but are they really worth buying? Here are some benefits of purchasing small air compressors:


The most obvious benefit of owning a small air compressor is the fact that they are portable and have a compact size. Most portable compressors are lightweight, which enables the user to maneuver them easily. Pancake compressors are perfect for home use, and they can also be used on a work site for industrial air purposes.

Lastly, due to their compact size, you can easily put small air compressors in your vehicle or install them in a truck. You can also find cordless options of portable air compressors in the market that run on batteries.


Typically, a small or portable air compressor is easy to operate due to its compact size. You don’t have to worry about portable air compressors being too heavy-duty or powerful to operate for a single person.


Compared to a large-sized air compressor, portable air compressors are available at an affordable price. Due to their affordable price, small compressors come with a good power rating and are perfect for use at a job site or at home.

What size of air compressor Do I need to fill car tires?

For most passenger vehicles, you only need an air compressor that can deliver an airflow of 30 or 32 psi (Per square inch). However, sometimes on a cold day, you might need a higher air pressure of 35 psi (Per square inch). A portable compressor of 1 or 2 CFM, giving an airflow of 90 psi (Per square inch), should do the job for your car tires. However, for a tire-changing machine, you will need a 4 CFM compressor.

What is the best Inexpensive Air Compressor?

Here is the best inexpensive air compressor in the market:

AstroAI Air Compressor

This is a portable air compressor, and one of the best inexpensive compressors on the market. This product is good enough to inflate tires and tools. You can also set the pressure in this device and it will turn off once it reaches the desired temperature. The maximum air pressure this small compressor can offer is 100 psi, which is good enough for most vehicles.

What is the best air compressor for the money?

Ingersoll Rand Single Phase Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand is one of the best air compressor manufacturers in the market and it manufacturers products that are reliable and come equipped with world-class features. This is a single-phase air compressor with a 17.8 SCFM air delivery and a capacity of 80 gallons. In this compressor, you can also choose single phase and three-phase.

This Ingersoll air compressor also features a cast-iron pump and industrial-grade bearings. All the parts of this product are assembled in the United States. This air compressor also has standing tanks.

What is the best Affordable Air Compressor?

Makita 4.2 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

This high-quality compressor features a 2.5 HP motor, 4.2-gallon tank capacity, and high-grade oil-lube components. Regardless if you are a professional contractor or someone who needs a compressor for home use, this compressor will do the job for you. This air compressor comes with a large cylinder and pistons which enables you efficiently compress air.

You can expect 4.2 CFM at 90 psi from this incredible machine, and you can also run power tools with this compressor. However, this is not an oil-free compressor and you will need to maintain it regularly. The noise level of this product is extremely low, as it only produces a sound level of 74 Db.

What is a good size air compressor for home use?

To determine what size of air compressor you need for home use, check the highest value PSI and CFM of your tools. Then, multiply the CFM of the tools by 1.5 and you will get the best margin CFM needed for safe and better use. For example, you want to run a spray paint gun that requires 5 CFM at an air pressure of 90 psi.

In this case, you should select an air compressor that can deliver 7.5 CFM at an air pressure of 90 psi. To buy an air compressor you should have precise knowledge of the different types of tools, accessories and fasteners you own.

Is it worth getting an air compressor?

Yes! it is worth investing in an air compressor as it is typically cheaper than most power electrical tools. Here are some benefits of owning a compressor:

Inflating Car tires

The most obvious use of an air compressor is inflating the tires of a vehicle. If you have a tire chuck, regulator, and compressor, you’ve got yourself a mini garage setup.


Whenever you eradicate paint from a metal or wooden surface, you can use an air compressor to do the job for you. You can also use an air compressor to eradicate rust from metal.


You can run a variety of construction tools on an air compressor such as a drill, nail gun, or an impact wrench. The compressor will ensure faster construction work and does its job really well.

How much is an Average Air Compressor?

Here are some stats for you:

1.5-ton Compressor

Average price: $ 800 to 1400

2-ton Compressor

Average price: $ 900 to 1500

2.5-ton Compressor

Average price: $ 1000 to 1700

3-ton Compressor

Average price: $ 12oo to 2000

3.5-ton Compressor

Average Price: $ 1300 to 2200

4-ton Compressor

Average price: $ 1500 to 2500

5-ton Compressor

Average price: $ 1800 to 3000

What is the best air compressor for a home?

Here is the air compressor we will recommend for home use:

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

This is a powerful air compressor and is perfect for home use. This pancake air compressor is a compact-sized machine and is easy to move. This compressor can achieve an air pressure of 165 per square inch (Psi) and has a large tank size that has a capacity of 65 gallons. The compressor can deliver 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi and has a quick recovery time.

This product only weighs around 16 pounds, has a noise level of 75 Db, and works well even in cold weather. The pressure this machine offers is sufficient for the types of equipment that are found in most homes. However, the stock will run out soon so get your compressor now.


  • Maximum pressure of 165 psi
  • Oil free pump
  • Corded electric
  • Large size tank

What is a 30-gallon air compressor good for?

A 30-gallon air compressor is good enough to handle both commercial and residential tasks. The machine can provide sufficient air pressure for a wide array of tools such as wrenches, nail guns, rock drills, and more.

What is the most powerful 12-volt air compressor?

This is the most powerful 12-volt air compressor available on the market:

VIAIR 00088 Air Compressor

This is a portable air compressor and is manufactured by VIAIR, a reputable company in the industry. This is probably the most powerful compressor in the market, and can inflate car tires literally in seconds. The maximum air pressure this machine offers is 120 psi, which is more than enough for more cars, trucks and other vehicles.

This is a best-seller air compressor, and its power source is a battery that connects directly to the compressor with the help of alligator clips.

What size air compressor do I need to sandblast?

You need to consider a few factors before deciding the size of the compressor for sandblasting:

Cubic feet per Minute (CFM)

This is the air volume or airflow that a compressor can offer in 60 seconds. A compressor that produces CFM of 10 to 20 is perfect for sandblasting tasks. A compressor that produces a CFM value of 18 to 35, is better for more powerful jobs.


This is the air pressure a compressor can generate. The volume of the tank decides the psi value of a compressor. To find the correct psi you will need to consider how long you will run the sandblasting tools. For sandblasting tools, you should typically use a compressor than can offer pressure of 100 psi at least.

What is a good size air compressor for spray painting?

You will need to consider a few factors before choosing an air compressor system for spray painting:


There are two varieties of spray guns that use compressed air. The low volume low pressure (LVLP) and the high volume high pressure (HVHP) spray guns use compressed air. However, the air pressure requirement of both guns is not high, and they need low air pressure to operate.


The CFM is the amount of air produced by an air compressor per minute. The CFM is the most factor important factor that you need to consider. However, before purchasing an air compressor, you must first checkout the CFM value of your spray gun. Then, you need to buy an air compressor that produces the same CFM value as the spray gun.

It would be better if you purchased an air compressor that has a higher CFM rating than the spray gun.


Unlike pneumatic tools such as nailers, a spray gun requires a continous flow of air pressure. Most spray guns require compressors that come with a large-sized tank. You should buy compressors that have tanks of 50 gallons or higher.

How much does a good air compressor cost?

This largely depends on the size of the compressor, however, a good air compressor usually falls in the category of $ 125 to 2000. The size range of air compressors is also vast, going from 1 gallon to 80 gallons tank.

What are the top 5 air compressors

Here are some of the best air compressors you can find on the market:

The Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor

This is a portable pancake air compressor, and while there are many pancake air compressors in the market, this one is the best. This is an affordable air compressor and delivers high performance all the time. The maximum air pressure this unit can offer 150 PSI and it delivers 2.6 SFCM at an air pressure of 90 psi.

While the operating volume of the machine is a little high, it is not a deal-breaker. The compressor is accompanied by a pair of air hoses and has a rubber base. The total weight of this machine is around 30 pounds.

DEWALT DD55167 Air Compressor

This is a mobile, rugged and reliable air compressor and is best for professionals. This air compressor machine offers maximum air pressure of 200 psi, which is higher than most DIY air compressors. The machine only produces a noise level of 78 Dba and has a total capacity of 15 gallon. This DEWALT air compressor comes with an integrated handle and a single hose coupler.

Makita Quiet Series Air Compressor

Makita is one of the best brands of air compressors in the market. This Makita air compressor offers great volume, size, and price. The machine generates a sound level of just 60 Db and is perfect for indoor use. This compressor is also equipped with a roll cage, which will protect it from the inevitable dings and drops.

DEWALT PCFP12236 Air Compressor

This is the best overall air compressor on this list, and while you will find other air compressors that match the price range of this machine, they are nowhere as good. This is another portable pancake air compressor, it offers a maximum air pressure of 150 psi and 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi.

The combo kit that comes with this compressor has 100 brad nails, a 25-foot air hose and a porter cable 18-gauge brad nailer.

Milwaukee M18 Air Compressor

This compressor is a new product in the market, but it is a cordless model. This compressor has a capacity of 2 gallons and produces a noise level of 68 Db. The compressor is compatible with an M18 battery and can produce a maximum pressure of 135 psi. The machine offers 1.2 SCFM at 90 psi.

What is an air compressor used for at home?

Here are some uses for air compressors at home:


If you need to dry something off in a heartbeat, you can use an air compressor which will quickly blow all the water away. If you are trying to dry something that is delicate, you should be careful while using an air compressor. Attach the trigger attachment for safety.


You can also use an air compressor to do a quick clean-up and blow away water, dirt, or sawdust. However, while using an air compressor for cleaning, ensure you put on all the safety gear so that nothing goes into your eyes or harms your hands. Also ensure the air compressor has no screen reader problems.


You can attach a spray paint gun to an air compressor and use it to spray a wall or any other thing. However, this is tough to do so it would be better if you practiced painting a bit.

Electronic Cleanup

If you have a trigger attachment in the air compressor, you can use it clean crumbs and debris off electric devices such as laptops and other electrical equipment. Compressed air is compatible with electronic devices because gentler than normal air. You can also use the compressor to clean the computer or laptop screen.


This is the main function of an air compressor, you can use it to inflate a tire, balls, footballs, or basketballs. You can also use the compressor to blow air in a rubber swimming pool. However, ensure you don’t overinflate the item because that will probably be disastrous.

Pneumatic Tools

Air compressors are usually used to power powerful pneumatic tools such as a nail gun. You can find many tools in the market that work well with an air compressor. However, for pneumatic tools, you will need to invest in a very powerful air compressor.

How much is a home air compressor?

The price of air compressors depends on their tank capacity. a typical AC compressor can cost you around $1500. However, the price can be as little as $ 800 or as high as $ 3000. The larger your house, the bigger the air compressor you will need to invest in.


In this article, we discussed how you can find the cheapest air compressor suppliers in the market. We also discussed a couple of factors that you need to consider before you choose a supplier for your air compressor, so please go through them. Hopefully, this article will give you some much-needed clarity before you pick a supplier.

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