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The function of the air compressor:
for gas delivery
Air compressors are also used for gas pipeline transportation and bottling, such as remote gas and natural gas transportation, chlorine and carbon dioxide bottling, etc.
Air compressors for gas synthesis and polymerization
In the chemical industry, certain gases are synthesized and polymerized by the compressor after increasing the pressure, such as atmosphere and hydrogen to synthesize helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to synthesize methanol, carbon dioxide and ammonia to synthesize urea, etc., and then to produce polyethylene under high pressure.
For refrigeration and gas separation
The gas is compressed, cooled, expanded and liquefied by an air compressor for artificial refrigeration. This type of compressor is usually called an ice maker or an ice machine. If the liquefied gas is a mixed gas, each group can be separated in the separation device. It is separated to obtain various gases of qualified purity. For example, the separation of petroleum cracking gas is first compressed, and then the components are separated at different temperatures.
It works as aerodynamic.
After compressed air, it can be used as power, mechanical and pneumatic tools, as well as control instruments and automation devices, instrument control and automation devices, such as tool replacement in machining centers.1
Four functions of the gas tank.

1. Dewatering and degreasing function

The compressed air is stored in the air tank, which can precipitate impurities such as moisture and oil contained in the compressed air, thereby achieving the effect of removing water and oil and improving the quality of the compressed air.
2. Energy saving effect

Due to the frequent start and stop of the air compressor, the flow rate becomes very large, and the state of the air compressor becomes no-load. If this state continues for a long time, a lot of traffic will be wasted. However, if an air storage tank is configured, the automatic shutdown of the air compressor can be guaranteed. When the air storage tank is full of air under the set pressure, the air compressor will automatically stop, which can reduce unnecessary waste of idling energy. It is what we often call empty load.
3. Cool filter

The compressed air has a high temperature, and after entering the air tank, the temperature will be lowered to achieve the effect of preliminary cooling of the compressed air.
4. Provide a stable air source and play a buffering role

The gas tank can ensure that the gas is kept within a certain pressure setting range, so that the back-end gas consumption is constant36Detail-03
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