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Air storage tanks are important post-processing equipment for air compressors and can be seen everywhere in the production workshop. Air tanks are pressure vessels, and compliance is important. What are the main functions of the air storage tank during the operation of the air compressor system?


As one of the important equipment in the air source system, the air storage tank usually has the following functions:


1. Store air. As we all know, the air compressor itself cannot store air, so once the compressed air is generated, it must be used up. There is a lot of waste in this way of working. The existence of the gas storage tank is to solve the problem of waste of gas source. With the air storage tank, the compressed air can be stored, and the air compressor can be restarted after a certain amount of use.

2. The function of voltage stabilization, the air pressure is unstable when the air compressor is running. Using the air storage tank can control the air pressure within a suitable range and eliminate the pulsation of the air flow in the pipeline. With the air storage tank, the compressed air output from the air compressor has a buffer place, so that the air source pressure can be better maintained. At a set value, the air system can get constant pressure;


3. Cooling and dehumidification, cooling the compressed air compressor, separating and eliminating moisture, oil pollution and other pollutants in the compressed air, reducing the load of the equipment behind, so that all kinds of gas-consuming equipment can obtain the air source of the required quality, small air compressor The self-contained air storage tank is also used as the mounting base for the air compressor body and other accessories;

4. Energy saving protection, frequent loading and unloading of air compressors is prone to waste. With the air storage tank, frequent start and stop of the air compressor can be avoided, and the air compressor will automatically stop when the air storage tank is full of air under the set pressure, so as not to let the air compressor keep running and waste electric energy;


5. Observe the air quality. During the operation of the machine, the air terminal often has feedback on the quality of the compressed air, which is mostly concentrated on problems such as high water content, high fuel consumption, and low pressure. For the feedback problems, drain the air through the air tank , Exhaust observation gas tank is indispensable.

When the high temperature and high pressure compressed air is discharged from the air compressor, the temperature will gradually decrease through the air storage tank, and a part of the condensed water will sink to the bottom of the air storage tank and be discharged. The small oil inside will drain out as the condensed water settles and swirls. Through the constant pressure buffer of the air storage tank, a large amount of water and oil will be discharged in the simplest, economical and reliable way, thereby improving the quality of the compressed air.

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